After Enrolling – The Very Basics

During your doTERRA journey, you will be educated and empowered in the life changing effects through incorporating essential oils as part of your daily routine, and reducing your toxic exposure with real plant based cosmetic and lifestyle products. You will in tandem understand why doTERRA felt the need to introduce CPTG standards and ensure every product produced has a genuine therapeutic value My job is to help make this as seamless and simple as possible for you, whether you are just starting out or still not 100% familiar with things.

Below I have compiled some basic fundamentals to help you.


This can be accessed at immediately after enrolling. 

Simply input your Wellness ID  and password that you set. You have the ability to change your password at any time under “my office settings”.

You will be able to order your oils from this site and set up your Loyalty Rewards template.

Go ahead and play around. You’ll soon find it is all very easy to navigate.

You also now have a personal website which can be found under your office settings – This is a way to direct others who initially, like you, are looking to become wholesale members or are after more information. This will be located at*yourname*


Once you join, the  Loyalty Rewards Program is the absolute best way to order and capitalize on everything doTERRA has to offer.

Through setting it up (like an autoship), and placing qualified orders, you can receive free products, earn commissions and build up a nice nest egg of product credits to redeem on your order.

Best of all there is no monthly obligation to order so you can modify or cancel your order at any time.

Watch this quick tutorial on how to set up your LRP.


If you have joined, plug into  Mr Oils TEAM

If you are interested in purely business related strategies and updates. ‘Mr Oils ITS JUST BUSINESS is for you.

My open public page –  Mr Oils 

Lastly add me as a friend so we can stay connected. Just send a message in the box introducing yourself!


1. Right here! – Make use of the training videos, webinars and resources I have to offer.

2. Need some info? That will be answered here.

3. There is also another fun website hosted by doTERRA including some great recipe ideas.

4. shows the incredible efforts the company goes to produce the highest quality oils.  


doTERRA Customer Service Australia email:  Phone 02 8015 5080. Alternatively you can contact doTERRA support on Live Chat through your virtual office.

Our Australian office is in Melbourne. If you are in Melbourne, you can pick up your products there by opting to order through ‘Will Call’ on the shipping option. The $7.95 shipping fee will also be waived by doing this.  The address is of the doTERRA office is Level 1, 271 Wellington Rd., Mulgrave, Victoria 3170.

Orders shipped to your home will usually arrive around 3 business days from your order. The best thing is that  shipping costs will always be refunded in product points!

Did you know that 85% of people join doTERRA simply because they want the worlds purest essential oils to use in their homes? However many of these people once they have experienced the oils, want to share with others!

We all have a reason, but what matters is you are now part of something incredible that can make a real difference to the those we care for. doTERRA’s first ever consultant, Justin Harrison tells it like it is – ‘We are the messenger, the oils are the message.”

Of course, I am always open to helping you with new ideas, teaching essential oil classes for those you may have interested and providing unwavering support to you and your team. doTERRA has a network around the world so wherever you have friends, family or colleagues, they are not out of reach to enjoy the wonderful benefits that doTERRA brings.

Take some time to enjoy the products and familiarize yourself with how to best use them. From there, I look forward to working closely with you!