Exit Strategy and Transitioning

An exit strategy is a means of leaving one's current situation, either after a predetermined objective has been achieved, justifying premises or decision markers for any given operational planning changed substantially, or as a strategy to mitigate inminent or possible failure. An organisation or individual without an exit strategy may be in a quagmire. At worst, an exit strategy will save face; at best, an exit strategy will deliver an objective worth more than the cost of continuing the execution of a previous plan considered "deemed to fail" by weight of the present situation

I came from a background that had absolutely nothing to do with my current ‘job’ except I understood hard work and I knew I could achieve it in my mind.

I will preface by saying that the company I am involved with is the world leaders in this industry and daylight is second.  I now have over 8,000 people in my team

I like to call it my Exit Strategy.

Some facts…

– I owned and managed my own importing company with a turnover of $10M annually, dealing with buyers from major Australian department stores and travelling throughout the world sourcing, negotiating, buying and most importantly, building relationships.

– I specialise in leveraging your best business asset- your network. You don’t need to conduct ‘classes’ or sell. My flagship product, doTERRA essential oils, is world’s best in its category. I can guarantee if you partner with me, not only will it be an excellent business decision, but your health will benefit too.

– I am an Australian Founder and Blue Diamond. My enroller is the highest earner in doTERRA and I am among the highest in Australia. To put it in perspective, when my clothing business finished, I had no income and no prospects. I have proven this system works.

– I already work with many business people throughout the world. There are indeed wonderful opportunities especially in Asian market which I can help you access if you have contacts there.

About doTERRA…

– Doterra is the 6th largest direct selling company in the world and the largest based in the US.

– Pure oils will be available for many decades to come. doTERRA exclusively controls and supports 90% of the worlds top essential oil growers.

– doTERRA’s retention rate is the highest in the industry-  the most important thing to know when joining this sort of business.

– Has a turnover of close to $3B annually.

– Has no debt.

– Has NO outside ownership.

– All owners (7) work in the business. I know them all personally.

– Is a world leader in helping 3rd world countries through ‘Co- Impact Sourcing’ and Foundations/Partnerships.

– Sources its oils from all over the world, offering the world’s purest and most potent oils through its ‘Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade’ (CPTG) standard.

– There is little or no risk. Membership is as little as $35.

The most important factors in choosing a company in this industry to partner with are…

– Owners and their background. Do they work in the business? What did they do before?

– Outside investment.

– Has the business been bought or sold recently? Has ownership changed?

– Is the industry crowded?

– What is the retention rate?

– Do not join a company that has a compensation plan that reduces as you build your business. You are behind the 8 ball before you start. doTERRA’s plan rewards growth.

– Find a mentor that won’t just teach duplication and ‘run’. One that truly knows the meaning of Leverage.

In summary, I am one of the only direct selling Leaders worldwide who is able to genuinely maximise returns by combining basic and proven business systems and plugging them successfully into a network marketing compensation plan. I have been there and done that.   

For an In depth Exit Strategy, view this document I have compiled