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Thanks for taking an interest in doTERRA Essential Oils.

doTERRA has changed my life and I have been proud to commit to it full time for over 7 years as an Australian Founder and Blue Diamond Leader.

Now it’s your turn to experience them for yourself!

In 2 easy steps below, you can have your very own doTERRA account!

If you are stuck or need any further help, please visit this page and I will be on hand to personally guide you.


STEP 1: How to become a wholesale customer and start ordering products.   

STEP 2: (Optional but highly recommended): Setting up your Loyalty Rewards order through LRP.  


Loyalty Rewards is our monthly rewards program and works like frequent flyer miles or FlyBuys points.  

Let's get started!

STEP 1: How to become a wholesale member and start ordering products.   

i) Visit my website – and click ‘Join and Save’ at the top.  Select your language and where you would like the products shipped.

ii) Enrolment Order: Keep as LOCAL OTG (Just means products will be shipped from AUS Warehouse, saving you time and money).

iii) Select How You Would Like to Purchase Products: Choose ‘Wholesale Customer’, which is already selected. Only difference is that the Wellness Advocate option gives you the ability to introduce and enrol new members to doTERRA, which happens quite frequently. If you choose customer, this can be upgraded at any point so no stress.

iv) Input all your details – Keep enroller and sponsor ID number as is – that’s me!

v) Now the fun part. You can become a member by purchasing an introductory enrolment packet (no oils) for $35 and then ordering individual oils, or as most people do ordering an enrollment kit.

If you opt for an enrolment kit, the $35 membership fee is waived.

You can also view the full kit range here:


I have listed my top 3 recommended kits below!


The Home Essentials Kit – $330 (save $130)

Our most popular option for personal use AND you can start a business with this kit as well.

Includes our ten most popular oils and blends AND a Petal diffuser.

9 X 15ml bottles with 250 drops per bottle

1x  5ml (Ice Blue) bottle with 85 drops essential oil

The best oils for immune, digestive and respiratory support for sleep, moods, toxin free cleaning, pain and most other needs. Great for both kids and adults!


Nature’s Solutions Kit – $635 ( Save $221)

The Nature’s Solutions kit will save you a truckload of money. Not only are these oils already discounted but you will receive 100 free product points (approx. $150 AUD) to any future orders.

PLUS you will fast track your loyalty rewards nest egg giving you an additional 15% back on top of your already 25% discount!

Kit includes 15ml Single Oils Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Oregano and 15ml Blend Oils On Guard, DigestZen, Easy Air, Purify, Aromatouch, Lavender Peace, Citrus Bliss, Smart & Sassy

Plus 5ml Ice Blue, 10ml Past Tense, 10ml Clary Calm, Tube Ice Blue Rub, Correct X ointment, East Air Vapour Stick, On Guard Foaming hand wash, 2 dispensers, On Guard Beadlets, On Guard Toothpaste, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Petal Diffuser and a gorgeous storage box for you to keep your oils!


Family Essential Kit with Smart and Sassy Oil – $174 (Save 66.4).

This kit I recommend for people that are a bit more unfamiliar with the oils but keen to start experimenting!

You will receive 10 x 5ml of our most popular oils

1x 15ml Smart and Sassy Metabolic Blend Oil.

Once you have settled on an the introductory packet or enrolment kit, select your preferred shipping method (WILL CALL means pick up at doTERRA HQ, Mulgrave Vic) and click View Totals.

With picking up at Will Call at 271 Wellington Rd, Mulgrave Victoria, you will be saving shipping costs. However it really turns out to be free as doTERRA compensate you with reward points for any shipping incurred every month!

Next enter your Payment details.

You will receive a Welcome email as soon as your order is processed.

In this, you will find some important information which includes your Wellness ID and password you just created.


Congratulations! You are now a member of the worlds biggest essential oil company. Check out your new virtual office at

That's all for Step 1!

Step 2: Loyalty Rewards Program

What is an LRP template and why would you want to create it? Watch this quick 2 minute video!

Think of this program as like a FlyBuys OR Frequent Flyer – the more you buy the more points you accumulate! 

Most importantly there is NO subscription. You can change, modify or cancel your order at any time before shipping.

If you want to earn commissions for introducing others, generate free product points and contribute to doTERRA promotions you will need to have a LRP order.

So are you ready to set up your LRP template?

i) Click create a new LRP Template on the right hand corner of your virtual office you created moments ago.

ii) Select the date you will like your product shipped each month (can cancel anytime through phone or live chat).

iii) Add the products that you want!

It’s that easy!

How to Create an LRP Order

How to Edit an LRP Order

Special things to consider:

Any order of 50PV or more each month will give you an extra 5% every 3 months in free product credits (up to 55% in total savings when including your already 25% wholesale discount).

Any order of 100pv or more each month will entitle you to the above plus qualifying for commissions.

Any order totalling 125PV or more and shipped to order on or before the 15th of each month will also give you a free product of the month! (Usually between $20-40 worth).

Once again, congratulations and welcome to doTERRA. I look forward to assisting you on your journey and offer you my full support.